Photo of Ian Hemingway

Ian Hemingway - Director

A scientist by background and a life long home brewer and beer lover, Ian has the creative flair of a master brewer. No problem is too big to tackle and you'll never find him idle, he's always on his feet making the magic happen on the brewery floor.

Photo of Alena Hemingway

Alena Hemingway - Head of Sales and Marketing

The queen bee of the brewery, Alena is the mastermind behind the scenes. From office management, newsletters and social media to sales and event planning, as long as she’s fuelled by coffee, she’s got it covered.

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Photo of Aaron Bond

Aaron Bond - Senior Brewer

Our very own international man of mystery with a licence to brew. Don’t be fooled by his fozzy slippers and cup of rubbish coffee, which is always stirred not shaken, he will stun you with his nerdy wisdom and facts of brewing.

Outside of work Bond likes to spend his time with his son and listening to cheesy 80’s music.

 Photo of Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell - Brewery Assistant

If he’s not flying around the world, Jon is the brewery joker, coffee maker, hugger, pop master champion and general jiggery pokery manager. Many of you will know Jon from home and pub deliveries. Did you know all our vehicles have names? That’s Jon’s doing too!

In his free time Jon hangs out with his two Pomeranians and likes a glass or two of a quality gin.

Photo of Joe Clark

Joe Clark - Packaging 

The big man at the brewery, Joe is towering above us all in height. Thriving on coffee and dubstep beats, he is in charge of ensuring clean cask and keg supply and packaging beer and you will often find him at the end of the canning line throwing shapes!

At home Joe likes to keep his beer fridge full and is happy at the seaside or in the bowling alley.

Photo of Cora

Cora - Brewery Dog