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All our beers are Gluten Free

Gluten Free Beer

Around one in a hundred people in the UK have coeliac disease, which means they cannot eat gluten without causing intestinal damage. Many more people are intolerant of gluten, which can cause similar symptoms to coeliac disease, but with different effects.

At Little Ox we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our beer. With that in mind we decided to make all our beer; can, cask and draught, both gluten free and vegan. Our brewing process uses traditional malting barley and wheat but utilises a proline enzyme called ‘Brewers Clarex’ added at the start of fermentation that breaks down the gluten protein to harmless peptides that are virtually undetectable. We test all our beers to ensure they contain below 10ppm gluten so we can label them as ‘gluten free’ and be compliant with UK law which state that a product must contain less than 20ppm.

All our beers are certified to be less than 10ppm by R5 competitive ELISA methods carried out by a UCAS accredited lab.

As the enzyme specifically acts on the gluten protein there are no adverse effects on head retention or flavour. The result is a beer that tastes and looks every bit as good as the untreated version.

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