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Cellar Services

Cellar Services

Is your cellar equipment getting a bit old, moving into a new premises, getting to the end of your current tie agreement or just need a few repairs?

We offer cellar installs and technical services at a lot less than you might think.

Give us a call on 01993 881941 or email us at to discuss.

On full installs we offer different options;

Option 1 – Cellar install service, we source and install the equipment for an agreed price – You are free of tie and free to sell what you want when you want.

Option 2 – We provide the equipment free of charge and installation cost will be covered by you - We would ask for 50% of the beer going through the lines.

Option 3 - We can pay for all the equipment and the installation – We would ask for 75-100% of the beer going through the lines.

We are open to discussing any other option which may work for your business and percentages are negotiable especially on larger systems.

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